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When you find yourself alone in your organization

When you find yourself alone in your organization

Did you recently switch jobs or did you just got placed? Welcome to this corner of the world that may feel new and alien to you. Now that you are out of your comfort zone, you are up to new challenges, new experiences, and much more “news” is awaited on the way.

Your attachment (or lack thereof) with your previous organization or with your college wouldn’t matter anymore, and yet, you will think about it. Nostalgia spares none.

To quote Henry Ford –

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”, and yet at times, situations seem odd. Sometimes it’s you who spearheads projects and shapes things. Other times, you are the ice-breaker and it’s you who goes isolated. 

Overall, it’s a happy exercise, but disappointments are also a part and parcel of the job.

Sharing something personal.

A long time ago,  I was at Barista to meet a collegemate and one of my colleagues. I introduced them, and during our discussion, they got to know that they live close by, and eventually developed a relationship. This was fairly surprising news.

Post that point and their meeting, their communications with me were limited even though I was the mutual contact and introduced them. I felt weird and alienated. 

In retrospect, I realized that there may have been many fears – objections, their seriousness in the relationship, or more. I gave that thinking a pass.

I decided to forget the whole incident and mind my own business. After all, I was the first person with whom they officially shared about their relationship and later on – the good news of their engagement. 

Similar instances take place in our professional lives as well. You may feel sudden pangs of being alone and helplessness. You would feel cheated when your efforts of helping others aren’t reciprocated. For such times, I would say – get a grip on yourself and control.

Engineering of life says do not think too much and be passionate. The entire world is beautiful and a reflection of your thoughts. If you are a theist, believe me, He has already planned something better for you. If you are an atheist, you must believe in yourself. 

One day, no stone will stay unturned. Someday, it will all be in your favor.

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