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Codes for Tomorrow - What is Telegram-Based Tap To Earn Game TapSwap?

What is Telegram-Based Tap To Earn Game TapSwap?

TapSwap is a tap-to-earn crypto game hosted on Telegram. In this game, players can earn TAPS coins simply by tapping their screens. Each tap increases your coin balance, making the game both fun and rewarding. TapSwap’s easy-to-use approach to earning crypto and the promise of real rewards have attracted many active users. This game has become the largest crypto community on Telegram, surpassing Notcoin and just behind Hamster Kombat.

How To Get Started With TapSwap?

To start playing TapSwap, follow these simple steps:

Access the TapSwap Bot: Open Telegram and use the search function to find the “TapSwap” bot.

Start the Game: Click on the bot and select “Start.” Follow the instructions to link your account and begin your TapSwap journey.

Play TapSwap: Once you join TapSwap, you can start tapping your screen to earn tokens right away. Each tap adds to your token balance, and you can earn up to 500 tokens per session before needing a break.

Players can earn even more tokens by completing simple tasks. These tasks include joining the TapSwap Telegram group or following TapSwap on social media. They are quick to do and provide extra tokens.

Key Features of TapSwap Game:

Tap-to-Earn: Earn TAPS coins by simply tapping the screen. Each tap increases your coin balance, making it an easy and engaging way to earn crypto​​.

Session Limits: Players can earn up to 500 coins per session before needing a break, ensuring balanced and sustainable gameplay​​.

Upgrading Assets: Use your earned TAPS coins to upgrade in-game assets, which can enhance your coin-earning potential. Upgrades include better tapping tools that increase coins per tap​.

Daily Tasks and Missions: Complete daily tasks and missions to earn additional rewards. These tasks can range from simple tapping actions to more complex social interactions​​.

Boosts: Boost your earnings by using boosts, which temporarily increase the number of coins earned per tap, maximizing your session rewards​​.

Community Engagement: Join the TapSwap Telegram group and follow TapSwap on social media to earn extra tokens. Engaging with the community through these platforms can provide quick and easy rewards.

Future Integrations: TapSwap plans to integrate with other blockchains and DeFi projects. Future features include staking, swapping, and a learning center offering educational resources on blockchain and crypto​​.

User-Friendly Interface: The game operates primarily through a Telegram bot, making it easily accessible to users. Simply search for “TapSwap” in the Telegram app and follow the bot’s instructions to start playing.


TapSwap is more than just a game; it’s a unique way to engage with the world of cryptocurrency. By tapping your screen, you can earn real rewards, upgrade your tools, and complete missions. With a growing community and exciting future developments, TapSwap offers a promising and enjoyable way to dive into crypto gaming.

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