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19 Sep 2023

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Lord Ganesha is here to remove all our hurdles 🎊 πŸ˜„

Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!!πŸ™ πŸ™

15 Aug 2023

Happy Independence Day

Marking the Day of Freedom and Unity! πŸŽ‰ Happy Independence Day to All! 🎊

02 June 2023

Workshop on Corporate Ethics

In today’s rapidly evolving corporate landscape, the significance of ethics and etiquette cannot be overstated. With increasing globalization and interconnectedness, businesses are recognizing the need for a strong foundation built on integrity, respect, and professionalism.Β 

03 March 2023

Inauguration Celebration

New beginnings, endless possibilities! We’re excited to celebrate the inauguration of our new floor nayimanzil and embark on a new chapter of growth and success.

18 Feb 2023

Mahashivratri Celebration

United in devotion, celebrated Shivratri together – A joyous and blessed experience with our team

Β  18 Jan 2023

TechHustle 4.0

Codes For Tomorrow has successfully completed its 3rd Year. Our 3rd Year was completely dedicated to web development and implemented amazing protocols.

23 Nov 2022

Diwali Celebration

Diwali is a beautiful festival that honours the spirit of sharing and love. Now it’s time to enjoy the festival of lights with our CFT family.

14 Dec 2022

Life Saving Events

Codes For Tomorrow decided to join an amazing event of saving lives by joining blood donation camp organized by Manavta Ki Pehchaan NGO.

18 Sep 2022

Ganpati Bappa Mourya

Welcomed new member of our organisation. He is the God of wisdom and teaches us pain in passion.

25 Dec 2021

Santa Claus is here

Time flies, and we’ve already reached the conclusion of the year. Now it’s time to enjoy Christmas. Codes for tomorrow wishes all Merry Christmas.

16 Nov 2021

Shubh Diwali

Life is all about colors and shades, without lights there will be no colors, no shades!! to feel the importance of a very less light of a candal (Deepak) tell us, even your small effort will change the life, even a small idea can change the world, a small promise can change the whole picture


9 Sep 2023

IIT Indore

Brace yourself for the electrifying Web3Connect: The Ultimate Web3Xperience event at IIT Indore! πŸš€ Tomorrow, our brilliant CTO, Kalika Prasad Mishra will take the stage as a speaker.

7 Aug 2023

MII Foundation

The event, orchestrated by the MII Foundation in Indore, treated us to not only a sumptuous lunch but also an engaging panel discussion amongst our distinguished guests. This recognition fuels our passion and motivates us to soar even higher!

18 July 2023

GDG Indore's meet-up

What an exhilarating experience it was at GDG Indore’s meet-up, where our CEO, Neha Raghuwanshi and CTO, Kalika Prasad Mishra were present! The atmosphere was buzzing with enthusiasm as they discussed about the developer community ecosystem and startup accelerators with Uttam Tripathi, head of Global Developer Programs and Developer Relations Ecosystem.

Β 15 April 2023

Blockmeet by Foundership

Foundership – Web3 Startup Launcher πŸš€ organized an event on #blockchain, and our team attended #Blockmeetup in Indore. Our CTO, Kalika Prasad Mishra and Vikrant Singh, represented Alfolio and discussed our projects with #entrepreneurs. Our team has gained many #collaboration opportunities with #edtechstartup. It’s exciting to see that web3 will have real-world users in an easy manner, and that’s the power of Alfolio.

08 April 2023

Smart Dapp- SV Tech Club

Our CTO, Kalika Prasad Mishra, was invited to talk on Smart Dapps on Shardeum. The event was very informative and engaging, as he discussed the latest trends and developments in the field. He highlighted the potential of blockchain technology and how it could revolutionize the way we interact with various applications and services. As it was a hands-on session, the majority of students deployed their code. The event concluded on a positive note, with many attendees expressing their appreciation for the insights provided by the speaker. Overall, it was a great opportunity for the community to learn from an expert in the field and network with like-minded individuals. The SV Tech Club deserves credit for organizing such an engaging and informative event that added value to the tech community in Indore.Β 

07 April 2023

Blockchain Workshop - UECU

Engineers are the first tech adopters, blockchain embracing modern problem with the power of decentralization, Alfolio, is spreading awareness about authenticity, verification & privacy, We are building not just the product but new dev army!!

30 March 2023

Acropolis Institute Indore

It is truly inspiring to witness the growing interest in blockchain technology, with many like-minded individuals actively seeking to improve their skills. Yesterday, our CEO, Neha Raghuwanshi, was at Acropolis Institutions Indore to share her valuable knowledge and experience of Web3.

23 March 2023

Sage University Ind- Blockchain in Terms of Crypto

An informative event on the Future of Technology was held at SAGE University Ind. Our CTO, Kalika Prasad Mishra, was invited to share his expertise on Blockchain and cryptography

Β 26 Feb 2023

Web3 Titans - Informative Event

A Web3 event hosted by Zeeve in Indore. The meetup was filled with insightful discussion and valuable knowledge. Our CTO, Kalika Prasad Mishra, was invited as a speaker. Where he delivered an amazing session on the potential of decentralization, real-world applications of blockchain and how they are transforming the future of finance and ownership

12 Feb 2023

FVM Bhopal Chapter - FEVM Hands-on

A wonderful hands-on session was conducted by our CTO Kalika Prasad Mishra organized by The Pheonix Guild. Where he discussed FEVM using Hardhat.

19 Jan 2023

Web3 Networking Event

Kalika Prasad Mishra sir has attended this event with LBank and delivered a wonderful session on Blockchain, NFT and Gaming.

03 Jan 2023

CDGI - Shardeum - Proof of community

Shardeum and GDSC CDGI, organized a Web3 Workshop Event-Proof of community, to which Kalika Prasad Mishra invited as a speaker. He delivered a session on Creator Economy and Decentralized Streaming.

28 Dec 2022

CoinDCX - Open Talk Meetup - #W3IC

Web3 meet-up of the Indore chapter, organized by CoinDCX, invited Kalika Prasad Mishra to talk about NFT Marketplace based on Wyvern Protocol.

08 Dec 2022

IIST - Blockchain & Web3 : Introductory Session

IIST invited our CTO Kalika prasad Mishra as a speaker organized by Google Developer Students Club to talk about Web3.0. Where he had an amazing session with like-minded individuals.

26 Aug 2022

Web3 : Reality V/S Myth - #W3IC

Web3 Indore Chapter 2nd Meetup conducted by Kalika Prasad Mishra Sir. Where he discussed on Web3.0 Real Life Implementation | Myth v/s Reality.

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